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Wilkes-Barre Times - May 24, 1915


Thirty years ago four young men believing in possibilities of a growing city entered into a partnership in the dry goods business and embarked in the business world in the store room now occupied by Tuck's Drug Store, West Market street. This firm was composed of the following: Feist Langfeld, Asher Lazarus and Henry Lazarus.

After continuing in business in the above mention place their growing trade demanded larger quarters, their store room at that time measuring about sixteen by sixty feet.

After careful consideration and a recognition that the trade was steadily moving in the direction of South Main Street, a site was found next to Simon Long's Son's (at present occupied by People's Outfitting Co.) and a suitable building for their growing business was occupied by them for five years. The business continued to grow steadily and the Lazarus Brothers saw that there was an opportunity for them to open a business under their own name. A dissolution of partnership followed, the Langfeld Brothers remaining in the building.

In the year 1892 Lazarus Brothers opened a business in the store room directly opposite the street formerly occupied by Hunt Brothers as a hardware and mine supply store.

By strict adherence to business and by fair dealing they gained the confidence of the buying public and their business began to show a steady increase. In a few years' time their quarters again proved too small. An extension was built in the rear doubling the floor space, while the Third floor, known as old Chahoon Hall where lodge meetings were held was added, and the firm thought they had ample room for future requirements.

In the meantime, Wilkes-Barre's population steadily increased. The Traction company began extending their lines to suburban towns, and it was not long before Lazarus Brothers found that they needed more room especially in the Coat and Suit Department, a branch in which the firm had been particularly successful. They finally secured the floors over Kirby & Co. store and by a number of openings made a vast room which is devoted exclusively as a show room and salesroom for coats, dresses and suits. Owing to the death of Mr. Asher Lazarus, the business was carried on under the very able direction of Mr. Henry Lazarus, and the store kept gaining popularity and ever increasing trade.

Stability and reliability were the principles on which the store was founded and the principles which it has grown.